26 Sep

Hart – Think we all expected him to busier than he eventually was, but he stopped one long-range Essien effort with ease. Was beaten by Ivanovic header which struck the bar, but had a relatively simple game – 6

Boyata – The promising Belgian youngster was shoved into an unfamiliar right-back role and faced with the prospect of a rampaging Malouda and Ashley Cole, but after a couple of nervous early moments, he really settled down and was a key member of this side. Could have given a penalty away for a push on Drogba, but he is, in my view,  a better bet for right-back than Micah Richards – 8

K. Touré – Alongside Kompany, he was a man-mountain, continuing his vastly improved form. He displayed great pace, power and positional play in snuffing out any relevant danger and was at his imperial best – 9

Kompany – In a side full of outstanding performers, he stood out more than most, with a defensive display right up there with the very best I’ve witnessed. He had Drogba rolling on the floor in desperation to escape the Belgian’s clutches, and still Kompany thwarted him. An absolutely stunning performance – 10

Zabaleta – Another one who was playing in an unaccustomed position, although the Argentinean’s versatility has made him one of Mancini’s favourites. Struggled for pace a couple of times against Anelka, but recovered well and managed to get forward impressively too – 8

Milner – The England international again displayed his indubitable workrate, putting the Duracell bunny to shame, with a display more vibrant than a Van Gogh painting. Troubled Ivanovic with his trickery and helped out Zabaleta throughout – 8

De Jong – When in battle mode, he has look of a pot-bellied Cambodian pirate, and he displayed all of his fighting qualities in abundance. Without doubt, the best defensive midfielder in the Premier League, Nifty Nige won his tackles, distributed the ball well and was the key figure in the centre of the park – 9.5

Y. Touré – I had singled out his contest with Essien as the key battle in my preview, but it worked out that Yaya started the game on the right of midfield. He tried to get forward as much as possible, but later retreated into a more central role. His physical strength is, at times, frightening for the opposition, and he produced a much better performance than in recent showings. Long may this form continue – 8

Barry – Before this season started, many felt that Gareth would be the man to miss out after the spate of new arrivals, yet the former Villa man has gone from strength to strength during the campaign. Against Chelsea, he was everywhere, at one moment helping out Zabaleta, the next, scurrying into a meaty tackle with Mikel, and winning. He won 90% of his challenges, and was certainly a contender for man of the match – 9.5

Silva – It has taken, understandably, a little while for the World Cup winner to display his true self, but it finally looks like our wait is ending. The Spaniard was busy throughout, always looking to be on the ball and create something. He wasn’t afraid to get stuck in, too, which is always a nice sign! – 8

Tévez – Wasn’t at his best in the first half and was slightly isolated, but you pay good money for a top striker and boy have we got one! Took his one chance with aplomb and seems to enjoy the extra responsibility of being captain – 8

 Carlos Tevez


A. Johnson – No time to mark – 6

Adebayor – No time to mark – 6

Boateng – No time to mark – 6

Let me know below who you thought was the man of the match.


3 Responses to “MAN CITY 1 – 0 Chelsea – PLAYER RATINGS”

  1. Eugene 26/09/2010 at 10:11 pm #

    you got a lucky break with a flukish goal which went in off a post, the only clear chance you had . Chelsea had three clear chances of goals but unfortunately couldn,t convert any of them .

  2. Abramovich is getting bored of his Chelsea toy 27/09/2010 at 6:37 am #

    Fascinating the only comment (although its barely in English) is from a I was a Chelsea fan five seconds before they won their first Premiership fan.

    The poor little soul is totally deluded. All of the Press which is rare and the Chelsea Manager (the latter day Chelsea fan still thinks its Mourinho) acknowledge City were the team, better players, with the better tactics.

    Meanwhile pizza face has binned his I love ManU duvet cover and is reading his latest Chelsea Pensioners magazine.

    Really proud of City. Really proud to be a blue. City until I die and I plan to be around for a long time.

  3. Clevblue 27/09/2010 at 8:35 am #

    And this is us when we still have to gel, we used to be just noisy neighbours, now we’re the neighbours from hell!

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