18 Oct

Hart – Despite Blackpool’s dominance, our goalkeeper was never forced into making too many saves, but he did spread himself well to intimidate DJ Campbell as the striker wasted a glorious opportunity. Couldn’t do much about the home side’s brace of goals – 7

Boateng – Was troubled at times by the pace of Varney but generally competed well, dominating in the air and getting forward to good effect. With more games under his belt and thus, increased match sharpness, he could prove to be an outstanding signing – 6

Kompany – Devoid of the services of his regular central defensive partner, Kolo Touré, the Belgian was not the force he has been this season. Strong in the air and good in the tackle, but was hussled and harried constantly by Blackpool’s strikers. Missed two decent headed opportunities – 6

Lescott – After performing solidly for England in the centre back position, Joleon was handed his opportunity there for City, courtesy of injury to Touré, but he never looked at the races. He left a gaping hole for DJ Cambpell which the striker failed to take advantage of, and he looked generally shaky– 6

Bridge – The weak link in City’s defence, the former Chelsea man never exudes confidence. In the opening exchanges, Taylor-Flecther went past him as if he wasn’t there, whilst he was beaten in the air and for pace on numerous occasions. Got forward well and created the second goal but must improve defensively if he is to hold down a regular place in the side – 5

Milner – Started in central midfield, but was quickly moved to the left wing before occupying his regular birth on the right of midfield. Put in a solid, if not spectacular, display, but could have done better when in attacking positions. Did help to set up Tévez’s first goal though, with a sumptuous back heel – 6

De Jong – After the disgraceful media scrum that followed his every move after the tackle on Ben Arfa, de Jong looked scared to make a challenge worthy of the name. He strolled around the pitch, covering his usual areas, but he wasn’t the physical presence which we have become used to watching – 6

Barry – Never in the spotlight in the game, and didn’t have his most accomplished match, but he does the dirty work which aids our more attacking players. Covers a lot of ground and wins the ball back frequently, but for a player of his calibre, he should be scoring more goals – 6

A. Johnson – One early, rasping shot gave the impression that he was here to terrorise the Blackpool defence, but his performance fizzled out rather quickly. Didn’t offer us enough attacking verve, and looked uncomfortable when asked to defend. Perhaps this will serve as a reminder to him that he is not yet the finished article and must work on his game – 6

Tévez – When the tables are turned, our captain seems to produce his best. You don’t have a goalscoring record like his if you’re not a world-class striker and the way he led by example when things were looking bleak demonstrates how he thrives on the extra responsibility of being captain. Yes, his first goal was offside, and yes, his second took a deflection, but it was the way he battled and galvanised the others that was the most pleasing aspect – 8

Adebayor – For some reason, I got the impression he wanted to start and was ready to show my good friend Roberto Mancini just why he should be a regular fixture in the side. Alas not. He was utterly horrific. No passion, no endeavour, just a large lump of  Togolese mediocrity  – 4


Silva – Introduced in place of Adebayor and immediately made a difference with his calmness on the ball. His vision and awareness bring others into the game, and not only did he set up Tévez’s first goal, but he also delivered City’s third, with a delightful pair of shimmies in the box before curling one in majestically with his left foot. A sure starter in midweek – 8

Richards – Brought on to replace Boateng and did a solid job defensively, winning his aerial battles with ease. Got forward well once, and if he can stay injury free, he’s another option for Mancini – No time to mark

Vieira – The vastly experienced Frenchman always comes on in these types of situations, but despite being predictable, Vieira did a good job. He won the ball when it needed winning, and he went on one majestic run as he teased Blackpool players to tackle him – No time to mark


7 Responses to “Blackpool 2 – 3 MAN CITY – PLAYER RATINGS”

  1. Alphie Izzet 18/10/2010 at 6:15 pm #

    Never again publish the words (and I Quote) “De Jong looked scared ” (end quote) if you want to be taken seriously 🙂 😉

  2. ALAN MEADOWS 18/10/2010 at 6:38 pm #

    In the time you didn’t have to mark him RICHARDS looked a better right back than Boateng.

  3. CHED EVANS IS MY HERO!!! 18/10/2010 at 6:52 pm #

    I could not agree more….de jong looked very scared. He was not his usual self at all? I dont think Hart deserves the 7 you gave him – he was no better than the likes of Vinnie e.t.c who I think you have been a bit harsh on personally.

    Credit where it is due though to Silva and Tevez who produced the goods and won us the game.

    Nice, short, sharp review, well done :)x

  4. john wilkshire 18/10/2010 at 7:18 pm #

    There are better ways to emphasize adebayor’s poor performance without mentioning his country you dumb racist. Yes we all know he performed poorly but i think you sounded like you had something personal against togolese

  5. toe 18/10/2010 at 7:26 pm #

    Alphie Izzet de jong was not scared but he was the reason we were overun in midfield.he was deffo 100% cautious of putting in a tackle and did not play his normal game.he was poor as was barry

  6. toe 18/10/2010 at 7:31 pm #

    HART 6
    BRIDGE 5
    DE JONG 5
    BARRY 5
    MILNER 6
    TEVEZ 8
    SILVA 8
    VIERA 6

    TEAM 6

  7. Ricky 19/10/2010 at 1:27 am #

    Mr Wilkshire

    I think what “View” was trying to express his dissatisfaction with the player in question by simply stating fact. He is Togalese. He is a big lump. And he was very mediocre.

    It is far from racist, just simply stating 3 facts.

    Less of the “dumb” as well, if you do not like the way in which this blog is written and the authour’s opinion (remember, it is his OPINION), then you can decide not read again. This is the best blog of its kind on the web. There you go another OPINION for you to ponder over…

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