31 Oct

Hart – Wasn’t called into action a great deal, and was helpless for the goals – 6

Richards – After I heaped praise on him for his performance against Arsenal, and subsequently received a barrage of criticism, Micah failed to build on that showing. He displayed those unwanted traits that everyone hopes he can eradicate, giving Jarvis far too much room and was unable to add and panache to our attacks – 6

K. Touré – Probably rushed back too early from injury, and he failed to replicate the near impenetrable partnership he had with Kompany. This was the Kolo Touré of last season and we need to see the one from this campaign back as soon as possible – 5

Kompany – Not one of the Belgian’s most assured performances. Reunited with Touré but didn’t show the form which he is capable of. Looked shaky and was given a torrid time, as predicted in my preview, by Kevin Doyle – 5

Boateng – Another one who failed to reproduce his Arsenal form. After impressing at centre-back in that game, Boateng revered to the left back position and he had a troubled afternoon. Never looked solid in defence and couldn’t really help out our attack a great deal – 6

Milner – One of only a couple of City players, in my humble opinion, to come out of the match with his reputation unharmed. He worked his socks off in a variety of positions, but it was from his favoured central spot where he showed what he is capable of, regularly bursting beyond the front man, which offered a pleasant contrast to the more defensively minded Yaya Touré and Gareth Barry – 7.5

Y. Touré – In the enforced absence of Nigel de Jong, City needed the former Barcelona man to step up to the plate, but unfortunately, Touré produced a very mediocre performance. He went on one impressive run, but far too often, he was bypassed in midfield and failed to set the tempo – 6

Barry – After his antics in Scotland this week, Gareth was lucky to start, but he failed in any way, shape or form to repay Roberto Mancini’s faith in him. He was largely anonymous, out-fought and out-battled by more willing Wolves players. I’m a fan of Barry but he needs to buck up his ideas as he’s not done well now for a few weeks – 5

Silva – Not at the same level as his recent performances, but the Spaniard was the only one who wanted the ball at all times. His dainty flicks didn’t quite come off but he looked bright, even though his shooting was slightly wayward – 7

Balotelli – I have come away from the game with a hugely negative impression of Balotelli, who, apart from a bright opening few minutes where he should have scored, was vastly underwhelming. He was caught in possession far too often and he struggled to adapt to the physical side of the game, regularly jumping out of the way of tackles. I don’t want to be overly critical because he needs time to adapt but he certainly needs to curb his verbal outbursts at the officials, which saw him receive a yellow card – 4.5

Adebayor – I’ve never seen a player who can alternate every week between moments of brilliance and be so desperately poor at others! Against Wolves, he completely outshone Balotelli, working hard and producing some eye-catching moments. Took his goal with aplomb and if he continues in this vein he could be a real asset to us – 8


A. Johnson – Made an immediate impression when he came on to replace Barry, carving out a great opportunity for Adebayor which the Togolese smashed over. Was bright and could have possibly come on earlier, but there was no repeat of his Newcastle rescue act – 7

Zabaleta – The Argentine replaced Emmanuel Adebayor in a bewildering substitution and didn’t have a great deal of time to make an impact, although he did get booked for a rash tackle – No time to mark

Jo – You know matters are fairly desperate when the introduction of Jo seems like a beneficial move, but it got to that stage in the second half. He had one effort which struck a City player, but didn’t have much time to make an impact – No time to mark


7 Responses to “Wolves 2 – 1 MAN CITY – PLAYER RATINGS”

  1. mord 31/10/2010 at 5:52 pm #

    uch, we should win these games………

  2. JOHN GUIDETTI IS MY HERO!!! 31/10/2010 at 6:36 pm #

    Well from what I saw on Match of the Day and from what I heard, it seemed as if we lacked team spirit and perhaps that is evident in the spat between Ade and Kompany. Vinne often gets angry when he gets booked or whathaveyou and then seems to loose concentration and subsequently form from that moment on?

    We were poor – Balotelli could have had two, but looks good enough for me not to slate him (bar second half).

    Kolo was a disappointment again, he is so hit and miss it drives me round the bend!

  3. Goatman 31/10/2010 at 7:03 pm #

    Hart 6, Richards 6, Toure 4, Kompany 5, Boateng 4,

    Milner 6 Y.Y. Toure 4, Barry 5, Silva 7,

    Balotelli 4 Adebyore 6 So all in all an awful, embarasing performance and ridiculous substitutions by a manager who more and more appears not to know what he is doing.

  4. Woho! 31/10/2010 at 8:34 pm #

    Milner played like shit. After the Liverpool match all of his preformances has been shit. Ireland is way better.

  5. paddytheflea 31/10/2010 at 9:31 pm #

    I’m glad that you recognised that Wolves played very well. We have done that lately and this was about to happen.

    As a treat for the City fans we will beat United next Saturday aswell. 😆

    • trueblue 31/10/2010 at 10:46 pm #

      if im honest balotelli is a world class players whos started is first prem game after coming out of siera A and of the back of a serious knee injury ofcourse his touc isnt gona be amazing and not gonnna show insprational moments because hes bloody 20 years old for god sake and needs to adapt give the lad brake jesus, then you give adebayoer praise for scoring a penatly wooo brilliant first goal since fukin march in the prem

  6. saywhat? 01/11/2010 at 12:36 pm #

    Adebayor 8, what game was you watching pal

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