21 Dec

Hart – Certainly had every right to be livid with his defence for the first goal as Cahill was left unmarked two yards out. Couldn’t do much for the second either. After that, largely untested but distribution was awful. Tried to get us moving quickly with his throws but they often put us in danger – 5.5

Zabaleta – Credit must be given to Pablo for his willingness to fight for the team as he took umpteen knocks all game yet didn’t complain at all. His absence for eight minutes when he was having stitches was costly and although generally solid, we needed more in an attacking sense from him. I felt Boateng would have been a better option in the second half – 6

K. Touré – Unfortunately, this was a rare lapse into the Touré of last season. Struggled with the physical threat of Anichebe throughout and should have marked Cahill for the first goal. Two needless bookings in injury time which means he misses the Newcastle game but will hopefully come back after that and recapture this season’s good form – 5

Kompany – He’s set himself such high standards with consistently good performance that whenever he dips below them, it’s worrying. He lacked any conviction and was slightly naive in rushing out to Rodwell, leaving Cahill unmarked – 6 

Kolarov – At some point this season, he will score an absolute cracker of a goal as he possesses such a powerful left-footed shot. Came close on a number of occasions and whilst he impresses going forward, still a tad suspect defensively. Should have stopped Coleman’s cross for the first goal – 6

Milner – After impressing in midweek against Juventus, he was handed the chance to shine here but ultimately failed to grasp it. Full of energy and bite, it was his passing that let him down. Replaced at half-time – 6

Y. Touré – I was not at all convinced with Yaya yesterday. For me, he slows down our tempo, always taking an extra couple of touches on the ball. Needs to speed it up. Does put through the occasional delightful pass and helped to set up the goal. But for someone of his quality, he should be doing more – 5

Barry – In a side where most fail to impress, a good performance will always stand out and Gareth produced one of his best displays yesterday. Full of vim and vigour, he kept City going. His passing was crisp, his tackling strong and he was, by far, the standout performer – 8

Silva – Not one of his strongest performances but says a huge amount about his quality that despite being off form, he was still one of our better performers. Silva’s final pass wasn’t quite there as it normally is but he was always looking to be on the ball. Everton defended narrowly and denied him space but he did OK – 6

Balotelli – A true enigma. Has world-class potential but more often than not, doesn’t apply himself to the situation. During the game, Mancini was going ballistic with him for not tracking back, whilst his workrate was virtually non-existent. However, he only needs one moment to show his class and he nearly scored with a lob that struck the woodwork – 5.5

Tévez – After the hassle over the past couple of weeks which was resolved before this game, many, myself included, expected Carlos to score and repay our faith. But he was back to his greedy, avaricious self, refusing to pass and slowing the tempo. He needs a goal to endear himself to the fans – 5.5


A. Johnson – Replaced Milner at half-time and started the second period brightly. Faded quickly after though, but Everton always doubled up on him, denying Johnson the space he craves – 6

Jo – Came on in place of the injured Balotelli but had no time to make an impact – No time to mark


4 Responses to “MAN CITY 1 – 2 Everton – PLAYER RATINGS”

  1. COLIN BELL IS MY HERO!! 21/12/2010 at 7:43 pm #

    Hart – Didnt do well enough – no communication at all and throwing and kicking as dire

    Zaba – True hero! When he replaced his shirt he wore the number 60 which my hero John Guidette wears! Trooper and did his part, cannot complain with his performance

    Kolo – Rubbish and needless challenges

    Kompany – All over the place

    Kolarov – I like him, thought he did well

    Yaya – So poor

    Barry – Absolutely OUTSTANDING

    Milner – Very harsh to be subbed at half time especially when Silva was giving the ball away as much as he was

    Silva – Dreadful passing, never got his head up and no running off the ball – such a let down after recent performances

    Balotelli – Made one attempt out of nothing from the corner and what a great effort it was. Did everything right with his chance late on, but needs to up the tempo

    Tevez – Get rid of him

  2. COLIN BELL IS MY HERO!! 21/12/2010 at 7:43 pm #

    p.s AJ was no better either, and with Jo, he stops us scoring rather than helps us

  3. Citysince77 21/12/2010 at 9:11 pm #

    I really think you and ‘Colin Bell is my Hero’ are being a little harsh of the newby’s. He was by no means outstanding but I think Yaya really gave it a go last night but not much went his way, he was the reason for our goal also. Silva will learn from this, he just got off to a bad start and did not then rise to the occassion. His head never went down though and kept on trying to find an opening, some of his passing was not of the same quality of he has shown recently I agree. Balotelli will come good to a really big degree at some point in the season but last night just was too soon for him and an understanding with Tevez just isn’t there at the moment. What I am trying to say is I feel as though this was the type of game that Gareth Barry would have gone awol in last season, but last night he was easily our best player. So it has taken an experienced Premiership player time to settle down at a new club and show his best form, give the likes of Yaya, Silva and Balotelli a chance will you? Also, I thought we missed the bite of De Jong in midfield and we would have won the game had he been in there instead of Milner, who is also still finding his feet and seemed to be playing out of position for him. I still feel we are in a good position to achieve our real goals, (Champions League, Trophy) and if we continue to support the team like the fans did last night and good things await us at the end of the season.

  4. roger haigh 22/12/2010 at 12:01 am #

    “Hart – Certainly had every right to be livid with his defence for the first goal as Cahill was left unmarked two yards out”

    Had it not been for Harts rediculously optimistic throw out to Tevez there would have been no need to worry about marking Cahill.

    City should have slaughtered Everton last night. we clearly need someone to lead the attack balotelli doesn’t seem to be the answer.

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