3 Jan

Hart – Made a couple of impressive stops to deny Eardley and Taylor-Fletcher but despite Blackpool looking dangerous, Hart wasn’t called into action a great deal. Distribution was better than in recent games – 7.5

Boateng – Yet to convince for the Blues and this performance didn’t add to his reputation. We are yet to see the form he showed for Germany in the World Cup, and he looked hesitant both defensively and in attack. One note of caution however – played centre-back for Hamburg last season and left-back in the World Cup, so not in his natural position – 6

Kompany – A rare off-day for the Belgian. Didn’t possess his usual authoritative nature and his distribution was noticeably poor. Resorted to long ball when we are much better served passing it around. Sure to be back to his best against Arsenal though – 6

Lescott – Again preferred by Mancini to Kolo Touré and produced a solid enough performance. Won his fair share of headers and made one decisive block in the first half. Distribution was excellent (56 out of 57) and overall was marginally better than Kompany – 7

Kolarov – Not his best display. Looks genuinely threatening when City are attacking and in the long run, I believe he could emulate Gareth Bale and become a winger, but needs to work on the defensive side of his game. Given a torrid time by Phillips and was replaced – 5

De Jong – Nigel had a decent match, never needing to put in too many challenges, but with him in midfield, we are never going to get run over. Got forward well and had a shot blocked that was destined for goal – 7

Y. Touré – Many of you will disagree with me on this, but I felt he was abysmal. His work-ethic makes Manu Adebayor look like the Durcaell bunny. No effort, no commitment and if you’re happy with three runs a game, then you need to raise your ambitions. When he gets going, he can be dangerous, but for someone of his quality, he doesn’t do nearly enough. His second half performance was up there with the worst I’ve ever seen – 4

Barry – Not his strongest game, but no surprise after running the previous two. Put some tackles in and got forward but wasn’t at his most influential best. Will be needed against Arsenal – 6

A. Johnson – Retained his place after an impressive display against Villa and carried on his good form in the first half. Slightly fortunate with the goal. Faded in the second period and won’t start against Arsenal, where Mancini will favour the more industrious Milner – 7

Silva – Was having another fine afternoo before it was curtailed prematurely. Came close with a couple of chances and for someone of his quality, he should score more. Must recover in time for Arsenal if we are to have a chance – 7.5

Tévez – I find it incredulous that he forgot his captain’s armband and it suggested straight away that his mind wasn’t on the game. His profligacy would back up that theory, but his workrate and desire would suggest otherwise. Should have scored at least three or four, but fortunately, we weren’t left to regret the missed chances – 6.5


Zabaleta – Replaced Kolarov in an attempt to stifle the threat of Phillips and to an extent, he did. Got beat a couple of times but we looked more secure when Zabaleta was on the pitch. In contention for a start against Arsenal – 6.5

Milner – Fantastic. He supported Zabaleta brilliantly in the latter stages, making a couple of superb challenges to prevent dangerous situations. Did exactly what was asked of him and it’s not hard to see why Mancini likes him – 7.5

Vieira – Only came on with five minutes to go as we looked to close out the game. Did his job – No time to mark


8 Responses to “MAN CITY 1 – 0 Blackpool – PLAYER RATINGS”

  1. Alphie Izzet 03/01/2011 at 7:48 pm #

    Y. Touré – Many of you will disagree with me on this, but I felt he was abysmal. His work-ethic makes Manu Adebayor look like the Durcaell bunny. No effort, no commitment and if you’re happy with three runs a game, then you need to raise your ambitions. When he gets going, he can be dangerous, but for someone of his quality, he doesn’t do nearly enough. His second half performance was up there with the worst I’ve ever seen – 4

    I didn’t bother reading further after this load of bunk. If you were fishing for controversy and comment I’ll give you 3/10 for effort and 1/10 for ingenuity.
    Yes I do disagree with you and my ambitions are quite satisfactory thank you very much.

    Answer this question please.

    Were you at the game?
    If yes, then you’re entitled to your opinion but personally I beg to differ.

    If you were not at the game what were you basing this assassination on?

    MOTD, Football First?
    If it’s either of those and you make condemnatory statements about a fine player based on snippets, then I for one shan’t bother to read your musings again.



    • View From A Blue 03/01/2011 at 8:20 pm #

      What a unduly critical comment! I neither court controversry, nor desire arguments. As I mentioned at the start of Yaya’s review, I know many people will disagree with my assessment. Thus, I expected confrontation, but I expected comments to be more dignified and less vitriolic.

      I will indeed answer your question, despite it being delivered in such brusque tones. I was at the game, taking up my season ticket I’ve had since the age of four. My so called ‘assassination’ is based on my view of the game. You may disagree, as you clearly do, but that is what is great about football.

      Your comment quickly nosedives into hilarity. Please in future accept that people will view a game differently. According to the stadium announcer, there were upwards of 47,000 in the ground. If you want everyone to have the same view as you, you are far misguided.

  2. Citysince77 03/01/2011 at 8:27 pm #

    Got to agree with the comment by Alphie regarding Yaya, how he got a lower mark than Kolarov beggars belief. True he was not a shining light in our performance and his positional play and distribution was rather average, but to rip into him over everything apart from the three runs he had is way off the mark. The guy has played less than twenty games in what is the most difficult league in the world right now and you seem eager to write him off as a carthorse already. Wait and see mate, people dismissed Marc Vivien-Foe (RIP) as nothing more in the first half of his season here, and they were soon changing their tune when he started banging them in whilst creating for others too. A really big test for Yaya is wednesday night against Wenger’s lot, and I’m thinking he just might surprise you when it’s done and dusted.

    • View From A Blue 03/01/2011 at 8:31 pm #

      Thanks for such a dignified response. This is the sort of response I expected.

      I don’t have any vengeance against Yaya and I don’t want to write him off. Indeed, I have praised him recently for his performances. They were at the level he should be producing. But I felt his display against Blackpool was abysmal. It’s my personal opinion. We will all view a match differently.

      I hope this was a one-off and he will produce a much better showing against Arsenal.

  3. ALEXSANDER KOLAROV IS MY FAVOURITE PLAYER!! 03/01/2011 at 9:34 pm #


    Steven I agree, Yaya is a waste of space….Van Der Vaart £8m and £75,000 a week, Yaya £24m on £250,000 a week….need I say anymore?

    One thing you do very well on is pick up on how well Milner played…surely he’s worth starting now against a strong Arsenal outfit?

    Hope he plays the following >>>

    GK – Hart
    RWB – Zabalata (Boateng was shocking)
    CB – Lescott
    CB – Kompany
    LWB – Kolarov
    RM – Milner
    CM – Barry
    DM – Nifty Nige
    LM – Silva
    AM – Balotelli
    ST – Tevez

    Bench >>>
    – Given
    – Richards
    – Boateng
    – Vieira
    – Johnson
    – SWP
    – Jo/Santa Cruz/Nimely/Adebayor

    That is the only team which can beat Arsenal in my opinion.

    I thought Lescott was our best player against Blackpool, looking very good abr a very dodgy backpass!

  4. Ben 03/01/2011 at 9:43 pm #

    I was at the game and I happen to agree with your assessment of Toure (although perhaps I wouldn’t go as low as 4). Ironically he won a penalty, almost got an assist for Tevez and went on another excellent charge which is fast becoming his trademark. However it was his effort that upset me (and many sat near me). Not just in terms of closing down, but also when strolling back to defend a corner he often had his back turned when it came in and wasn’t even looking for someone to mark. When he was left in an offside position, he would make no attempt to get back on and provide an option. Even when blackpool were taking throw-ins he was looking the opposite way and pretending to be suprised when the ball was back in play. I am happy to put this down to fatigue given that he has played well for us recently. Just sometimes get the impression he thinks he is doing us a favour by playing for us. Its frustrating when you know he has the ability to win the game single handedly (West Ham) yet only wants to do it when he sees fit.

  5. Kaptain Kompany 04/01/2011 at 12:24 am #

    If we want to beat Arsenal this is what we will do.


    Barry-De Jong



    This is such a simple lineup and it is easily our best one. Milner is infinitely better than both Yaya and Silva and we need Johnson to keep them honest on the wings and I would rather have Balo to counter attack Arsenal than Silva. Richards is our best outside back and could even play center back in my opinion. He is the youngest defender ever to get a cap for the England national team and started for England u-21 at 16. He has captained the under 21 squad since he was 18 years old and is the future of England. Why he is ever on the bench is beyond me

    • JOHN GUIDETTI IS MY HERO!!! 04/01/2011 at 10:12 pm #

      Some people are deluded!!!

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