MAN CITY 5 – 0 Sunderland – PLAYER RATINGS

4 Apr

Hart –  Sunderland’s lack of attacking intent meant that he wasn’t forced into action too often. Distribution was mixed. At times, he was perfectly accurate, searching out Tévez with quickly taken goalkicks, but at other moments, his kicking was laboured and poor  – 6

Boyata – Has played at right back on a couple of occasions in the past, but looked as if he had been playing there for quite some time. Very comfortable on the ball, pressured his man well and won his headers. Taken off injured, but should be fine – 8

Kompany – An absolute rock at the back. Stifled the threat of Welbeck and Gyan, winning his headers every time and proving an unyielding presence in defence – 8

Lescott – Was aware to the tricks of Gyan after seeing him first hand in the international midweek match, and coped far better yesterday. Not heavily involved but did his job well enough – 7

Kolarov – The weak link in the side yesterday. Going forward, he’s fine and put over a couple of dangerous crosses, including the assist for Vieira’s goal and harried Cattermole for Yaya’s goal, but defensively, he continues to have a ‘mare. Slower to turn than the QE2 and any winger with an iota of pace will cause him problems – 6

De Jong – Outstanding. Without Barry alongside him, he revelled in the extra responsibility. Won his tackles, interceptions and kept his passing accurate. His ball forward to Tévez for our third goal was fantastic and he is my man of the match – 8.5

Y. Touré – I’ve always been a fan of Yaya! Well maybe that is not quite true, but credit where credit’s due, he was impressive. Started slightly deeper than usual, but worked hard, got forward well and took his goal with aplomb. I imagine Barry will return for the Liverpool game, when I expect Yaya will push further forward, but he was very good in this match – 8

A. Johnson – Scored the first goal which set us on our way, finishing off an eye-catching one-two with Yaya. Offered us width and trickery, causing Bardsley numerous problems in the first half. Taken off in the second as he is not match fit but this was a good showing – 7

Silva – With three other creative outlets around him, the pressure was off the Spaniard to be our sole inventor. But he was still superb, flitting around between midfield and attack, linking well with Kolarov and taking his goal well. When we add in the extra midfielder, as we will in the important games, he becomes even more crucial – 7.5

Balotelli – What a disappointment. 90 minutes of Mario Balotelli and no major controversy. But that is exactly what he needs. Worked hard for the team down the left, tracking back to help out Kolarov, even though Mancini was constantly in his ear in the second half. Couple of swerving, powerful shots and really wanted a goal. His freekick at the end nearly provided him with one – 7.5

Tévez – Good to see him back on the scoresheet, albeit from the penalty spot. Only just sneaked his spot-kick in and I don’t feel confident with him taking them, but while he scores, I suppose we can’t complain. Worked hard as per usual and linked up pleasingly with the other three attackers – 7.5


Vieira – I was slightly surprised that he came on, but he made an immediate impact by scoring with his first touch. Didn’t have too much to do after that, although was booked for late challenge – 6

McGivern – Probably the last time he will play for the first team. As a left back, he competed well on the other side of the defence, though with the visitors deflated, he didn’t have much to do – 6

SWP – A bright cameo. Carried the ball down the right a few times, twisting and turning Anton Ferdinand – 7


10 Responses to “MAN CITY 5 – 0 Sunderland – PLAYER RATINGS”

  1. Siamack 04/04/2011 at 5:44 pm #

    Credit to all lads who put an excellent effort esp Lescott who finally delivered a solid performance (Please more of the same Lescott). As for Kolarov, It makes me wonder what especial defending traits City scouts did find in him to justify his price tag? I believe our on-loan 8 million pound defender Nedum Onuoha can do a lot more better job as left back than Kolarov [though LB is not his preferred position].

    • JoshMCFC 04/04/2011 at 5:58 pm #

      Go easy on Kolarov i still think he will cum gd the 1st season is always the hardest especially wen u missed the 1st 3 months and didnt have a pre season. Still think United wil beat us in the derby espec now Rooney is banned that means Hernandez wil play and wil make Lescott look like the defender he actually is a Shit 1

      • thorpie mcfc 04/04/2011 at 6:29 pm #

        harsh to pick on Lescott, him and Kompany have been immense recently, and are our best central defensive partnership.

        not going to make any predictions for the semi, but with Rooney out and Fergie on the sidelines, especially after the last derby at OT, im feeling good for once, (we will probably get beat by stoke in the final, but thats just city)

        Kolarov doesn’t look settled yet, but give him some time, look at Evra for united… he was awful in his debut (the 4-1 against city) and for the rest of that season, but is now one of the best LB in the world. keep the faith! FORZA MANCINI.

        • Siamack 04/04/2011 at 6:46 pm #

          With current table standings, City’s position to qualify for Champions League is far from certain. Defensively, Kolarov is a liability at this moment. I totally understand he needs more time and I am all for it but not at this critical stage esp if it MIGHT cost us Champions League

        • JoshMCFC 04/04/2011 at 8:26 pm #

          Im not sayin anything about his performance yesterday but was he really tested just look when he plays gd opposition like Chelsea, United and Ghana he was 1 of r worst performers in them games. And No Lescott has not been immense far from it he cost England Midweek and i hav no doubts that he will cost us if not the FA Cup then definately the top 4 he is overated to many people hav sed hes playin gd because he doesnt make as many mistakes wot about Kompany De Jong and Silva they NEVER make mistakes yet Lecott has a few games where he makes 1 mistake a game (2 against Ghana) and he is the worlds greatest dont make me laugh get rid is wot i say hes had his chance theres plenty of better defenders in the prem. when we signed him from Everton the Sheik most of made a bid for the wrong defender i think we really wanted the top class Jagielka

    • Bring Bellamy back 05/04/2011 at 12:13 pm #

      Kolarov is starting to gel more with the team of recent and always provides an attacking outlet. Still i would far prefer to see Nedum on the team sheet but you must remember that one of the reasons for his loan spell was not because of his lack of ability but rather his public criticism of Mancini.

  2. rat 04/04/2011 at 7:15 pm #

    I knew that all yaya needed was a rest. he looks so much better when he’s fresh. Again Silva was a 9 as was johnson, i cant believe it was his first game back…unbelievable

  3. Citysince77 04/04/2011 at 8:19 pm #

    Along with the Fulham away game that was without doubt the most commanding performance of the season. Everyone played well, including Kolarov who thoroughly deserved the six that you gave him and I’m sure he is the type of player who improves.

    The main problems with Kolarov are that he is reluctant to lunge forward to put a quick challenge in and he also stands too square on his man and invites the kick and run. Due to milk turning faster than this man, (a major flaw agreed) he is then susceptible to the player knocking it past him and making him look pedestrian. What he needs to do is get closer to his man and jockey him so he is not begining from the equivalent of a man stuck in quicksand before he gets into his stride. He is not slow at all once he is up and running and once he has devolped that skill I hope he will a real asset to the club.

    The English league has always been a hard one to fathom for most people coming from the italian league, and the players who were not able to meet the standard far outweigh those that do. But while I do believe Kolarov will improve, but whether or not he does it in the time frame we need him to (ie by the end of this season if we make Champions League) remains to be seen.

  4. JOHN GUIDETTI IS MY HERO!!! 05/04/2011 at 2:29 pm #

    Too high a mark for both Yaya and Tevez. Tevez was distinctly average. Boyata was the clear Man of the Match and too harsh on Kolarov too.

  5. JoshMCFC 05/04/2011 at 3:50 pm #

    No no no Lescott isnt a top class defender far from it. good in the air thats y against United he headed the ball to Giggs in the build up to there 1st goal. he is the worst 1st team defender of any of the premier league teams please name me another who makes mistakes every week he didnt make any this week but midweek against Ghana he made 2 1 was very lucky as he pushed Gyan just inside the box but the ref gave a freekick. the game before the Break Chelsea blocks a cross wiv his arm clearcut penalty then he allows Ramires to dribble past him easily. couple of weeks earlier against Wigan 93 minutes gone he allows Sammon to run past him easily and the Striker knocks the balls mm wide. couples of weeks earlier gifts United their 1st goal. coples of weeks earlier in a comfortable 4-1 lead at Wolves gives away a needless Penalty which makes it 4-2 and makes Woves believe they can come back we hold on to win 4-3 so is this really a top class defender. PLEASE

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