12 Apr

Hart – I feel he could have done better for the first goal but no chance with the other two. Made one great stop early on from Suárez but will be annoyed that he conceded three – 5

Boyata – Caught out of position in the first half by Liverpool’s movement, although he improved in this regard after the break. Passing however, was atrocious. Couldn’t find a blue shirt in the second half – 5

Kompany – It shows just how bad we were that Kompany, usually so reliable, struggled to such an extent. For most part, coped with aerial threat of Carroll but was caught out of position and also in possession too often. Needs to be a one-off – 4.5

Lescott – Back to the days of jittery Joleon. Never looked comfortable and was caught out frequently by movement of Liverpool attackers, most notably Suárez. Could face another striker like that in Hernandez at the weekend. I’m fearful – 4

Kolarov – The team as a whole were shambolic but Kolarov was the worst of them all. Just a total and utter aberration. At fault for the second goal where he failed to charge down Kuyt’s shot and for the third. Offered nothing going forward, which is supposed to be his strength. Lost possession so often it became mildly amusing. I’m embarrassed that he’s a City player – 2

Milner – I thought he was one of only a couple of players who actually tried. Worked hard in midfield to make up for the lack of effort shown by Barry and Yaya. Felt sorry for him when taken off – 6

Y. Touré – One good game against Sunderland and then back to the lacklustre lump he’s been all season. No effort, no application and offered us no protection in midfield despite being the one designated to hold. A rasping shot at the end aside, not at all good enough – 4

Barry – It is games like this that make you wonder just how he has played for and captained England. So slow in tracking down the opposition, meaning Lucas and Spearing had all the time in the world to play. No drive from midfield, and like Yaya, gave us no protection in front of defence – 4

A. Johnson – Had the chance to attack his fullback early on, but couldn’t provide Dzeko with any decent service. Should have swapped wings to try and get at the debutant Flanagan on the right, but whether under instruction from Mancini or not, he didn’t – 4

Tévez – Cost us the first goal by getting caught in possession near our box, something that shouldn’t be overlooked just because he got injured. We missed his workrate and drive as Liverpool outfought and outclassed us. Shame about his injury. Depending on severity, could be out for two weeks or the season – 4

Džeko – Contrary to many others who have heavily criticised him, I thought he was the best of a bad bunch. I felt he worked harder and held the ball up better than in most of his appearances. Not given great service or support, but tried to bring others into play. As soon as he gets a goal, I think he’ll show his true quality – 6


Balotelli – Replaced Tévez early on and showed glimpses of his talent. Couple of wayward shots, but at least, unlike others, he looked as if he wanted to score – 5.5

Silva – Left on bench as Mancini rested him for Saturday, but we missed his control and movement in midfield. When he came on, we improved and started to pose more of a threat. With Tévez out, he is the main man against United – 6

De Jong – His absence highlighted just how important he is. No backbone without him and we were constantly overawed in midfield. Defence were crying out for his shielding – No time to mark


10 Responses to “Liverpool 3 – 0 MAN CITY – PLAYER RATINGS”

  1. Siamack 12/04/2011 at 9:40 pm #

    2 is complimentary to Kolarov. I think he should have worn a Liverpool shirt because he sure seemed to help them more than City during the game

  2. Bring Bellamy back 12/04/2011 at 9:50 pm #

    Glad you recognise Mario’s contribution. Think you are being hard on Johnson he is young and i think our side seriously lacks a vocal leader. Kompany doesn’t seem to operate on such a basis, Barry is often introverted and Tevez cant speak English.
    Again mystified about your leniency regarding Milner.

  3. Wooderbeen 12/04/2011 at 9:55 pm #

    I really wish internet pundits would sleep on it for a few days before leaping in two footed with their ‘analysis’. I’m not defending what was undoubtedly a shambolic performance but this vitriolic hatred of Kolarov is unfair. He was rubbish, of course. But to solely blame him for two of the goals is naive at best and stupid at worse. The ball had pinballed around the box for about a minute before Kuyt placed his shot and where were the two centre backs when Carrol leapt for the second? I repeat, it was a terrible performance but Kolarov wasn’t the worst and Dzeko certainly wasn’t the best.

    • Siamack 12/04/2011 at 11:37 pm #

      I , much like most City fans, care first and foremost for the Manchester city club. A player’s worth is judged in the context of the club.The word “hatred” is absolutely meaningless here. I do not know Kolarov and there is no personal vendetta in here. It is just his presence is hurting the club esp with the price tag paid for him. He and some other players are being paid hefty salaries to live up to some expectations and Kolarov at this moment seems the worst of them, who is consistent is being aweful. No skills to defend, out of position most of the time and aweful attacking skills. The only thing he can do is to have a decent kick with his left. I believe 18 million pounds for just a left kick is a very very high price to pay.

      • ALEKSANDER KOLAROV IS MY HERO!!! 14/04/2011 at 5:33 pm #

        Do you know how much Kolarov earns Siamack…no so why judge him against his wage. If you are going to do that then slate Yaya more than ANYONE in the world, nevermind City. £250,000 a week for a lazy, good for nothing sod

    • ALEKSANDER KOLAROV IS MY HERO!!! 14/04/2011 at 5:32 pm #

      WOODERBEEN I COULDNT AGREE MORE. Well said. Best comment on the blog for a long time.

  4. Gman 12/04/2011 at 10:14 pm #

    Milner is a disgrace, Barry slow/useless but still better than Barton. Dzecko poor, Midfield non-existant.

  5. Wooderbeen 13/04/2011 at 5:24 am #

    Some fair points, however it’s the singling out of one man that annoys me. Barry has been, at best, pedestrian for most of the season, Dzeko has done exactly nothing since he signed, Milner has only shown glimpses of the form that made him Young Player of the Year in 2010, Balotelli’s inconsistency is infuriating, Lescott has improved but should still be nowhere near a club wishing to challenge for the title, even Kompany was poor against Liverpool (indeed one of the worst, in my opinion)… the list goes on. Yet for some reason Kolarov is to blame? Like you, I have no personal attachment to Kolarov either way and he was undoubtedly poor on Monday night, but to blame him for two of their goals is poor analysis and reads like some sort of vendetta.

    Mancini isn’t the first City manager to demand his full backs play in a narrow back four. The reason for this is to pack the box and deny room to the strikers or attacking midfielders. We allow space out wide and even allow crosses knowing that we’ll have a numerical advantage when the ball does come in. Not the way I’d play but it is a legitimate way to play and I really wish people would stop thinking this is a ‘fault’ on the part of the full backs (in this case Kolarov and Boyata) rather than a conscious tactic.

    • View From A Blue 13/04/2011 at 9:19 am #

      Wooderbeen, thanks for both comments. Well made points and I agree with parts of what you say. However, with Kolarov, he’s now in danger of becoming a danger to our own defence. It’s not a vendetta against him, but I would like the best for our team, and Kolarov is certainly not that.

      We had plenty of opportunities for the second goal to clear the ball away. Boyata’s header was weak, but it was the way Kolarov wasn’t committed to stopping a goal that really irked me. We saw Kompany throwing his body in the way of Meireles’ shot, but then saw Kolarov amble slowly towards Kuyt, with no intention of putting his body in line. That’s nothing personal, but it shows a worrying lack of commitment to defending.

  6. ALEKSANDER KOLAROV IS MY HERO!!! 14/04/2011 at 5:09 pm #

    You’re actually tempting me to stop reading the blog. Until I read something I can agree with I shall not comment.

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