MAN CITY v Man Utd – PREVIEW – View From A UNITED Blogger (Part 2)

16 Apr

As part of the build up to Saturday’s game, I asked Chris from the Man United blog Can They Score a few questions. Here, he covers City’s season so far, who he would like to sign for United, gives his prediction for the game and more.

View From A Blue: How would you assess City’s season so far?

Personally, I think it has been a disappointing, but nonetheless useful, season for City so far. I thought, with all your summer investment, you would have capitalised on Chelsea’s poor mid-season form and taken 3rd place but that hasn’t happened. Similarly, I was surprised to see you struggle so much in the Europa League but maybe that’s only to be expected, considering the fact your squad is still coming together. Either way, the experience can only help you in Europe next season. Overall, its seems to have been a season of missed opportunities but rest assured, you’ll have many more to come.

View From A Blue: In a couple of year’s time, do you see City as serious challengers for the title?

If you can maintain some stability and somehow make it past the FFP rules, it is inevitable you’ll challenge for the Premier League title in the next few years. ‘Hopefully’ you’ll start refining your squad, rather than overhauling it (with some more sensible purchases than Kolarov and Balotteli) because it must be near-impossible for Mancini to build team spirit at the moment, with all the politics and instability off the field.

View From A Blue: If you could buy one City player, who would it be?

Strangely, I think Sir Alex could unlock Balotelli’s potential and turn him into a world-class player. However I don’t think his talent would justify the inevitable disruption he would cause. As well as the fact, a partnership of Rooney & Balotelli would result in a higher cumulative goal tally, per season, than the combined IQ!

Realistically, despite the fact you have a wealth of talent in your squad, I’d only like one of three players from your squad; Hart, as England’s #1, to replace VDS for the next 15 years; De Jong, to add some tenacity to our midfield when needed, or Silva, to ‘replace’ Ryan Giggs.

View From A Blue: Are you confident for Saturday?

Only a few players unavailable, 7 wins in 7 games, you bet I’m confident!

View From A Blue: Where does winning the FA Cup rank on your list of priorities?

With the Premier League & Champions League still in our sights, some may this fixture isn’t important but I would beg to differ, the Treble is still on! From now till the end of May, every match for the Reds is huge and of equal importance. Admittedly, we all know Sir Alex is desperate to knock Liverpool off their perch domestically and, equally, eager to win his third European Cup but this is a Manchester derby at Wembley- does it get much bigger?

View From A Blue: How big a miss will Wayne Rooney be for United, considering the form he’s in?

Wayne has undoubtedly been in scintillating form recently (back to his best?) but people forget how well Dimitar Berbatov carried us through in October & November when Rooney had his transfer saga and Chicarito was only featuring from the bench. Obviously from your point of view, it has to be an encouraging factor but we’ve been also been boosted by the injury to Carlos Tevez, which has evened the tables somewhat. Would I rather have available? Of course I would but crucially I think we have adequate replacements- do you have good enough replacements for your captain- I’m not sure.

View From A Blue: Who will be the key players from each side?

Obviously, it’s easy to focus on Balotelli & Hernandez as the key players for each side but I think this semi final will belong to the keepers and their centre-backs. From your point of view, you need Hart to have a great game and Lescott to find some form. From our point of view, we know what to expect from Van Der Sar but we can’t be sure how Rio will play, simply because of his recent injury record- he’s been excellent since his return but two games in a week may stretch him to the limit.

View From A Blue: And finally, the big one – your prediction?

I’m going to go for a United win. I reckon you’ll nick a goal on the break, maybe Silva to compensate for his miss at Old Trafford, but I fancy Valencia against Zabaleta and Nani against Richards/ Boyata. Considering the danger I think our wide men will pose, and the forwards we have to convert their chances, I can see us winning by a goal or two- dare I say we have too much momentum not too?


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